Tips to protect your baby from the heat in summer

Summer is here and it is normal for babies to notice, it is very hot and their bodies react differently to those of an adult.
Many mothers, especially new mothers, are afraid that their baby will not feel comfortable in the heat. So, here are some tips for protecting babies in summer today. Want to help your little one?

1. Don’t put too much or too little clothing on it. There’s one piece of advice doctors usually give: put your baby’s clothes on as if you were going to put them on yourself. This means that you do not shelter him any more than you would shelter him; nor on the contrary. It’s also not good to leave him naked because if he sweats, it can irritate his skin. Of course try to wear organic cotton clothes that avoid rubbing against the folds of the skin, so that it transpires well and lets you be cool at the same time. In this regard you can consult us because in our online store we have plenty of baby clothes suitable for these hot months.

2. Moisturize it. Make him drink water more often than usual. That way you avoid heat stress. You can also take advantage of it to start eating your first portions of fruit if age allows it, it’s a good time to prepare a fresh fruit salad made by your mother, it’s a good way to hydrate and feed it properly.

3. Use sunscreen, even if you don’t go to the beach. The sun burns everywhere and babies have very sensitive skin. Therefore, if you go out with him (and if possible not in the hottest hours), do not forget to put sunscreen on him, to find out which one is the best one for him it is convenient to consult in your pharmacy of confidence, we do so.

Recuerda que el verano es una época donde tenemos más energía y ganas de salir, pero si tienes un bebé, hay que salir con precaución. La piel del bebé es extremadamente sensible a los agentes externos.

Esperamos que te hayan servido de ayuda estos consejos básicos.

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